Welcome to Seven Oak Middle School! Home of the Spartans!

“Pursuing excellence for every student, every day.”

The staff welcomes you to Seven Oak Middle School. We want you to enjoy your years here and hope the challenges you face encourage you to do your best in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities. We want you to take pride in Seven Oak Middle School, appreciating the diversity present in our school. We want Seven Oak Middle School to be a safe place for all students, and we encourage you to come to school each day ready to give it your best. We will help you be successful and to celebrate your successes!

Mission Statement

“In partnership with the community, we provide exceptional opportunities to continuously and rigorously challenge students to excel as learners, thinkers and leaders.”

The mission of Seven Oak Middle School is to create a student-centered school, where the social, academic, personal and global needs of students are addressed. We believe that students are responsible young people who deserve a caring, safe environment in which to learn and grow. We are also committed to honoring the diversity of all students, parents, community members, and staff and to appreciate the richness that diversity provides. Our obligation is to instill school and community pride in our students, and to teach them to become self-directed learners who are capable of thinking for themselves.


We use the RIT scale to measure a student’s academic growth over time. Like units on a ruler, the scale is divided into equal intervals – called Rasch Units (RIT) – and is independent of grade level.

Learn more about the RIT scale


Our Seven Oak expectations are simply a statement of the things we all strive for so that school is a positive, productive place for all.

Seven Oak Spartans are•:

  • SAFE

Be Responsible
All through your life you must make decisions about your actions. We expect you to do what is right and to be responsible. It isn’t always easy to make responsible choices, especially if someone else is not being responsible. It is important for you to remember that you are in charge of yourself. You can do what is right! Being responsible also means that you choose to do your best. When you are working on something, ask yourself, “Is this the best I can do?” If you give a job your best effort, you learn more and feel more responsible than if you just slide through the job. If you make mistakes, but do your best, your teachers can help you learn from your mistakes.

Be Respectful
At Seven Oak we respect the dignity of everyone. All individuals, students and staff, regardless of our appearance, athletic ability, age, and family background, are valuable. The way we treat each other should demonstrate that belief. Before we can treat others with respect, we must first respect ourselves. We respect learning. All that we do as a school community revolves around teaching and learning. Lessons are learned inside and outside the classrooms. We respect time. There is so much to accomplish in the school day, and so little time, we must be prompt and use the time we have wisely. We respect property. Seven Oak is not simply a building. It is a community of people using a building. But the condition of that building and the campus that surrounds it says something about the people who use it. We are proud of our school. We take pride in our appearance, and we respect the personal property of others. We respect the community. Seven Oak is a part of the Lebanon Community School District and the Lebanon community. Members of this community take pride in their schools and they expect a great deal from us, both in and out of school. They judge Seven Oak by watching us, students and staff, in our roles at school and in the community.

Be Safe
Everyone deserves to be safe and supported at Seven Oak. With that comes each individual’s responsibility to act in a way that will assure the safety of all before, during and after school.