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Administration and Office Staff

Co-Principal Mike Hillman Email  1807
Co-Principal Ryan King Email 1837
Dean of Student Success Lisa Canaday Email 1832
Office Manager/Registrar Lisa Jager Email 1802
Attendance/Athletics Secretary Andrea Marsh Email 1800
Health/Admin Secretary Amie Collins Email 1804
Special Education Secretary Jessica King Email 1816
Counselor Laura Hornstein Email 1825
Counselor Jacque Walker Email 1806
Teaching Staff
English Learners Lana Abbott Email 1811
Language Arts Sara Ainsworth Email 1827
Roving Substitute Charles Bias Email
Art Francis Bonner Email 1834
Behavior Support Stefennie Brooling Email 1842
Band Danny Canty Email 1843
Math Acacia Caraballo Email 1823
Math Kathryn Collins Email 1828
Science Ashley Da Silva Email 1809
Language Arts Nathan Dickey Email 1812
Science Shantel Durski Email 1826
Wellness Andrew Evans Email 1841
Math Michael Gerszewski Email 1824
Language Arts Chelsea Heater Email 1849
Science, STEM, Theater Emily Latimer Email 1844
CTE Andrew McAteer Email 1847
Social Studies David Meek Email 1810
Math Support Alaina Meek Email 1805
Math Kalei Merrill Email 1814
Language Arts Chad Moore Email 1831
Special Education Martha Moore Email 1817
Math Kacie Phillips Email 1835
Wellness Jesse Pratt Email 1829
Wellness Katelyn Riegle Email 1840
Language Arts Support Annette Roberts Email 1852
Science & Agriculture Amanda Sater Email 1836
Social Studies Jennifer Schmidt Email 1851
Social Studies Benjamin Shearon Email 1822
Language Arts Madison Shryock Email 1830
Science Kerry Slater Email 1813
Math Chris Tasner Email 1833
Social Studies Daniel Vore Email 1838
Special Education Barbara Wilson Email 1821
Language Arts Colby Wooten Email 1815
Support Staff
Bilingual Assistant Jessenia Barbosa Email 1855
Bilingual Assistant Jose Benitez Email 1855
School Assistant Beth Bjerklund Email
Instructional Assistant Jae Brooling Email
Personal Care Assistant Felicity Burkett Email
Personal Care Assistant Kari Carver Email
Student Assistant Ricki Clare Email
Library/ Media Center Lisa Cook Email 1848
Personal Care Assistant Dana Darling Email
Personal Care Assistant Megan Dowding Email
School Assistant Jack Freitag Email
Instructional Assistant Charlotte Gibbs Email
Behavior Support Assistant Morgan Kolling Email
Instructional Assistant Danielle Maire Email
Personal Care Assistant Michelle Presley Email
School Assistant Rachel Presley Email
Behavior Support Assistant Skylar Randklev Email 1839
Instructional Assistant Janette Ross Email
Personal Care Assistant Amy Schlundt Email
Instructional Assistant Abigail Smith Email
School Assistant Tanner Smith Email
Behavior Support Assistant Anthony Stanley Email
Instructional Assistant Sara Steeves Email
Instructional Assistant Karen Waggoner Email
Instructional Assistant Gretchen Wurgler Email